AMFI events


Videos of selected Adverse Multi-phase Flow Interactions reported in various locations


Location and known details


I-35 near St. Paul, MN (MNDOT geyser movie)

Tacoma, WA geysers

San Francisco, CA –sidewalk geysers

Downtown San Francisco, CA – geysers

Downtown Denver – Manhole cover moving in the middle of a street

Chicago, IL – geysers in 2007

Chicago, IL – geysers at Lawrence & Ravenswood Av. In 2013

Chicago, IL – manhole cover motion

Phoenix, AZ – Manhole cover motion

Downtown St. Paul, MN – geysers

New Orleans, LA – geysers

Minneapolis, MN – geysers

Philadelphia, PA – Juniper St. sidewalk geyser

Unknown location, after manhole covers blown open during rain event

Edmonton, Canada – geysering

Montreal, Canada. Geyser at Wolfe St.

Sydney, Australia, UTS tower– Geyser

and curious pedestrian

Taipei, Taiwan, geyser during intense rain event

Manhole cover motion in Camden, London, UK

Manhole cover explosion caught on camera, somewhere in England

Manhole cover ejection causing an accident with a Bus, Korea

Manhole cover hovering, Auckland, NZ

Massive geysers and manhole cover

displacement in Belo Horizonte, Brazil