Welcome to the Urban Water and Surface Hydrology research group led by Jose Vasconcelos with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Auburn University! Our goal is to advance engineering and science focusing on water resources for communities, and the environment, focusing on time-varying flows and multiphase applications. Please reach us through our email: jgv@auburn.edu or our LinkedIn profile. Our publications can also be reached on our ResearchGate page and are detailed in Dr. Vasconcelos's CV.


May 8-10, 2023-  The course "Perspectives on Two-Phase Flows in Urban Water Systems was offered" was offered through a collaboration between IAHR and EWRI. More details are found here.

April 30, 2023-  The paper resulting from the cooperation between our research group and the Federal University of Santa Maria, spearheaded by Daniel Allasia, Liriane Élen Böck, and Leandro Pinto, was just published at MDPI Water. 

January 1, 2023-  Han Xiao, a former MS student in our research group, published his paper on MDPI Water focusing on computing CN-based abstractions considering alternative methods within SWMM 5. Contgratulations, Han!

June 6, 2022-  Dr. Vasconcelos was awarded the 2022 Outstanding Associate Editor award by the ASCE EWRI for his work at the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering.

May 31, 2022-  The paper led by Alamin Molla was on predicting the susceptibility for flooding in erosion using GIS and PCSWMM and has been published in the Journal of Water Management Modeling.

May 6, 2022-  Dr. Vasconcelos was invited by the Alabama Chapter of the American Planning Association for a webinar focused on Urban Development Impacts on Stormwater Management.

February 9, 2022-  The paper published in the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, led by Ross Ellis, and co-authored by Guy Biessan, Frances C. O’Donnell, Jose G. Vasconcelos, and Benjamin F. Bowers has been featured in ASCE's Source Website.

January 27, 2022 -  Dr. Jose Vasconcelos was selected for the 2022 Outstanding Associate Editor Award by the ASCE Environmental and Water Resources Institute. Dr. Vasconcelos serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering.

January 17, 2022 -  Our latest paper on rapid filling conditions in a stormwater tunnel system has been published in the Journal of Water Management Modeling.

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